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Hi, I'm Laura!

Laura thought she was going to be a school teacher for the rest of her life.  

Laura attended a 9 month long Yoga Teacher Training.  The training cracked her heart wide open.  She completed her 200hr YTT and Childrens YTT in November of 2018.  

January 1, 2019 Laura decided to quit her job to pursue a full time career in teaching Yoga.  This decision came very easily for Laura because it felt true to her heart.  


Fast forward to 2020, Laura's life turned upside down once again as it did for many that year.  Reiki came into Laura's life in 2019, but little did she know it would return.  June of 2020, Laura received a Reiki session that opened her eyes to a gift she had forgotten as a child.  By September of 2020, Laura was certified in Reiki 1 and 2.  Yoga cracked her heart open, but Reiki awakened her heart, body, mind, and soul. 


No matter what style of yoga Laura is teaching or the Reiki session she offers, she will create a safe place for you to be you.  We are all on this journey of life together.  Together we can be present, share, and listen to each other and allow space for all to shine.


 Be * You 

Be * Present 

Let * Your 

 * Voice * Shine 



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